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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - Karthus and his band Pentakill is back!

Proud to announce that Pentakill II is in the works, and that new metal is coming your way.
Like before I've been working closely with the great Riot Games team in LA, and this time around we are aiming for a full length album with Karthus as captain of the vocal ship.

It's great for an old rocker like myself to be a part of this modern gaming music world, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great team of talented people.

This exciting development is not just about creating an original twist to the online gaming industry, but also about pioneering some groundbreaking new metal! The 2017 album release date is not decided yet, but songs from the album will be available online soon.

For those not familiar with Pentakill and League of Legends : League of Legends is the worlds most popular online game with visits of more than 100 million players every month. Pentakill is a virtual metal band within the game, and Karthus is not only a powerful warrior, but also the lead singer of the band. My job is to make Karthus the singer he is, and add the classic heavy rock element to his performance.

For now you can check out LIGHTBRINGER, one of the previous songs released under the "Pentakill" banner, by following this LINK.

- Jorn