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I am devastated to hear that David Bowie has passed away. Just a couple of weeks after Lemmy went, cancer once
again takes lives ruthlessly. So many have tried and wanted to become new modern hybrids of David Bowie, but sometimes
there can only be one....
Lemmy and David might be from totally different worlds musically, but they had one thing in common: in a world where business is forged in political correctness, they were both fearless innovative fighters till the end. Musically there were few compromises, if any.
I hope there are new adventures waiting for both of you on the other side, and that together with all the other afterlife legends, you will continue to rock. We will cherish and remember the greatness you brought us all, and most importantly, continue the battle against cancer.

Ground control to Major Blackstar and Captain Kilmister, so long and rest in peace.

- Jorn