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Just thought I'd share a video clip from my backyard, together with my little crow friend.
The little fellow is quite clever, and will take off with keys and anything shiny he can carry...

One time I had to chase him for half an hour to get my car keys back. Luckily he didn't fly off to hide them in a tree or on the roof, as he often does with food, to save it for later. It's fascinating how sharp these birds are, and it's easy to understand why they are described as some of the smartest creatures on the planet. They certainly have their own strong individual characters.

It may seem that me and mr crow are good friends, but these birds are no pets, they are much too independent and wild for that, and I just enjoy to feed and spend time with him, as long as he chooses to be around.
Growing up in the country I was always fascinated by crows, and I saw them as a symbol of independence, freedom and strength.
To me that's what rock & roll is all about.
Anyway, thanks a lot for all the positive feedback lately, a new album is in the works!

- Jorn