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After close to 30 album releases with various projects, working with some of the best musicians around, he is now ready to unleash upon the world yet another masterpiece under the Jorn banner.

“Spirit Black” is the title of the new album and it was released on June 5th in Europe and July 14th in the USA.

Once again, get ready for another unique and classic hard rock masterpiece from this productive and gifted Norwegian Viking.

Jorn Lande is one of our greatest Rock Giants: his strong and diverse voice and solid songwriting skills have become powerful trademarks in the Hard Rock world.

We all remember him for his famous effort and role as front man in german metal act Masterplan, which has achieved great success around the world. Two albums and two maxi singles were released during this period; “Masterplan” and “Aeronautics”.

Powerful albums such as “The Duke”, “The Gathering” and “Live in America” are just a few of this man’s releases during his almost 30-year old carreer.

In 2008 Jorn Lande featured on spectacular projects as Tobias Sammet’s “Avantasia”, along with stars like Alice Cooper and Eric Singer (KISS), Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions), Bob Catley (Magnum)…,and will be touring the world with this project as well as with his own band JORN. He also participates on Arjen Lucassen’s recent concept album “Ayreon”.

"Spirit Black", was mixed by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark. You are guaranteed to get your adrenaline going with the riveting sound that has solid roots in classic hard rock/heavy metal music.

2009 has so far been a busy year. Touring all over Norway and Sweden, the releases of “Live in America” on DVD, the latest studioalbum “Spirit Black” and this fall a “best of” album with the title “Dukebox”. An European tour is scheduled during November and December and will include countries as: Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republik, Belgium and Netherlands to mention some. states: Jorn's voice is one of the finest you will find in the heavy metal genre. There is none like it, and once heard, it completely consumes your thoughts and worms into your emotions. Guitars are dazzling as is the norm for these albums, his six string musicians being masters of the axe, giving electric fury to match his hurricane force voice.

In short, "Spirit Black" is more of the same, but why would anyone want for more? You want JORN and he gives it to you, nothing compromised or modernized or fiddled with!








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