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jorn overloadPreviously unreleased music videos from live footage with Jorn. These three different edits were put together shortly after the release of the music video for "Traveller", but never uploaded until now.

"At the time we didn't see these videos as official music videos, since they were all based on live footage and live images.
We thought they would be more suitable as bonus material in connection with a future compilation or as something extra on the next studio album.


Happy New Year!

jl2013 has been a rollercoaster of new experiences that has given me strength and confidence, and I'm ready for everything 2014 has to offer!
2014 already has many things in store for me, and I'm truly grateful and happy for the opportunities life has given me so far.
Let's all hope for good health, remember to think positive, give lots of love, and of course: let's keep on bringing the rock!
Thank you for your love and support, it's what keeps me going!

- Jorn

Jorn Lande attending the opening ceremony of historic sun mirrors in his city of birth, Rjukan, Norway

On wednesday October 30th, Jorn Lande took part in the official opening ceremony to celebrate the sun mirrors in Rjukan.
This installation consists of three giant mirrors, designed to reflect the sun down to the town center during the dark winter months. Controlled by computers, the three tilted mirrors follow the course of the sun to bring sunshine to Rjukan's main square below.
The natural sunlight doesn't  reach down to the town of Rjukan from early October to the middle of March, leaving the valley in constant shadow. Every year in March thousands of people take to the streets in a carnival to celebrate the suns return, the yearly "solfest".

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Jorn Lande returns to the yearly hard rock/metal convention "rockmässan" in Malmö, Sweden October 26th-27th

1374117 543036915769525 360507440 n222Rockmässan in Malmö was held for the the first time in 2010, and has become a successful event pulling several thousand people every year. This is my second visit to this popular convention as I was also attending the first year the event was held in 2010. Other artists confirmed for this years event are Gus G (Firewind, Ozzy), Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden), Anders Johansson (Hammerfall) among others...

Go to www.rockmassan.se for more info.
Looking very much forward to it and I hope to see you there!

- Jorn

"Cancer Demon" music video

jorn cancer demon"Cancer Demon" is a special song with a strong message that most people unfortunately may be able to relate to. The song is written with the intent to shed some light on one of the world's worst illnesses: cancer. I have had the privilege of recording this video in a medieval chapel in Sarpsborg, Norway. I think this location makes the message stronger and more direct, as the lyrics also are. The song might seem brutal, but I think people can relate to and embrace it for its honesty, and see it as a daring, but beautiful thing to do.

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zatansfcZatans FC won the first four matches of the tournament, but lost 2-1 in the final against Örebro United.
We should have won, Jorn says, we played really well, but spoiled some good chances of scoring in the final. We had great teamwork going and this was a great and fun experience!. I thought I was pretty fit, but I'm definitely a bit out of shape as I almost couldn't get out of bed the next couple of days after the tournament….


Jorn is appointed "Prince of the Sun"

prince newsOn the sunny day of april 7th 2013 Jorn Lande was officially appointed “Prince of the Sun” by the mayor of his city of birth, Rjukan, in Telemark, Norway. The Prince and his entourage arrived at the town square stage after being part of a long royal style cortege through the streets of Rjukan.
The ceremony was held in front of several thousand people at the town square.
"The rock world already has it's "Prince of darkness", now it also has a "Prince of the Sun"" - the newly appointed prince Jorn proclaimed in his speech to the people.
The city of Rjukan is famous for this annual celebration every spring, marking the day the sun returns – meaning that it is high enough on the sky to reach Rjukan and its residents in the deep valley.

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Lonely Are The Brave on vinyl

21552 jorn lonely are the braveThe classic Jorn album from 2008 "Lonely Are The Brave" will be released on vinyl this spring.Release date is set to May 13th, and the LP will be available as limited edition only.This is great news for all you collectors of vinyl, "Lonely Are The Brave" contains some essential Jorn classics with a sound that is screaming to be played on your record player.

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Jorn "symphonic" to be released in January

jorn symphonic symphonic- A special album will be released January 25th (2013) in Europe, and January 22nd in North America
"It was a spontaneous idea that is now put to life, as I thought it would be interesting to hear how some selected Jorn recordings would sound with a classical orchestral arrangement.
The classical arrangements were added to the already existing studio versions, but some songs were remixed to give more room for the orchestra. I didn't want to choose the most obvious Jorn songs, as I didn't want this album to come out as a typical "best of" release.

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Jon Lord has passed away

Jon and JornI am deeply sorry to hear that once again cancer has taken a great man and musician away from us.
I've had the great pleasure of working with Jon Lord, and during  the time we spent together he showed himself as  a true gentleman, and a focused and dedicated musician.
He was an understanding and kind person to be around.
I have one treasured memory from when we did some interviews together; a journalist asked Jon if he thought it was very obvious that Jorn Lande had been influenced by 70's era singers,
and Jon Lord’s earlier fellow musicians. Jon’s answer was: “ influenced maybe, but Jorn has developed his own uniqe sound and singing technique".
To hear this coming from Jon, one of my heroes in music, was a great recognition and it made me very proud and humble.

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