Jørn Lande, considered by his fans to undoubtedly be, The Norse God of Metal, and at the forefront of the renaissance of classic hard rock at its highest level. One of the most prolific and sought-after singers of today, whose immense vocal talent has granted him the status of a living legend, one to be counted among the juggernauts of the hard rock scene.

Jørn has released more than 30 albums through various musical projects, in addition to a slew of appearances as a guest vocalist. Some of these appearances include work with other industry greats such as Tobias Sammet (Edguy, Avantasia), Russell Allen (Symphony X, Allen/Lande), and Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple). The most recent project being the granting of his iconic voice to Karthas, The Deathsinger of the fictional band Pentakill from League of Legends, For the songs Lightbringer and Thronmail, thus breathing life into the band and allowing them to release their first real album “Smite and Ignite” Released June 3rd 2014.

Jørn Lande is one of the few that can be considered a titan of hard rock today: his strong, diverse voice accompanied by his brilliant songwriting ability has earned him much, well-deserved renown in the hard rock community over his career exceeding a 30 year span. Many know him for his exceptional performance as the lead singer and front man of German metal act, Masterplan, which has achieved great success around the world. Three albums and three singles were released during this period; their self titled album “Masterplan”, “Aeronautics”, and last, but certainly not least “Time To Be King”.

Jørn has released numerous solo albums through a band under his own moniker, the first being “Starfire” released November 21st of 2000, and has released 15 since; including titles such as “The Duke” in 2006, “Dio” his masterfully done tribute album to one of Metal’s most legendary front men, the late Ronnie James Dio, released in 2010, and most recently “Traveller” which was released June 14th of 2013.




























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