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Jorn "symphonic" to be released in January

jorn symphonic symphonic- A special album will be released January 25th (2013) in Europe, and January 22nd in North America
"It was a spontaneous idea that is now put to life, as I thought it would be interesting to hear how some selected Jorn recordings would sound with a classical orchestral arrangement.
The classical arrangements were added to the already existing studio versions, but some songs were remixed to give more room for the orchestra. I didn't want to choose the most obvious Jorn songs, as I didn't want this album to come out as a typical "best of" release.

It ended up being a track list with variety, with some songs that are not too typical in a Jorn context, chosen simply because some great songs often tend to be forgotten and therefore deserve a second chance. Some of them are featured closer to the end of the albums they belong to, or have previously been used as bonus tracks, and as the years fly by people seem to remember only the title tracks, singles or official music videos. I personally feel that some tracks were improved by adding the orchestra, just check out "I came to rock", "The world I see" and “Burn your flame”, they really came out fresh and different, compared to the original versions."
I hope you will enjoy the album and maybe you will even rediscover some songs you had forgotten…

I wish everyone a Spectacular New Year!
Jorn Lande