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jorn bulgariaI had a great time in Kavarna, celebrating New Years Eve together with family and friends in "The City of Rock". When we left Norway we didn't expect 15 minus this far south in Europe, and it felt weird watching the weather forecast describe 6-7 pluss, back home.We wore warm clothes, and soon forgot about the cold, as we were treated so good and was exceptionally well taken care of. The Christmas Party we were invited to was great, and joining in on the traditional Bulgarian folk dance was good fun.

We wish to thank the people of Kavarna for their wonderful hospitality, and for giving us unforgettable memories. We would like to thank Nasco and his great band, and especially Tsonko, Dani, Plamen and Ivancka for taking such good care of us during our stay. You are all great people and I hope to be back with you all again soon!

- Jorn

Find some photos from the new year celebration show below, never thought I'd be rocking out with mittens and cap on!