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jorn and rodney matthewsI'd like to thank David Roberts and everyone at the Cambridge Rock Festival. The storm that hit England shut down the PA system and nearly destroyed the stage, but due to the hard working staff, and some luck, the festival could go on.
It was really great to meet Rodney Matthews, who has done artwork for me and my record label. He is such a talented and wonderful man, and some of the greatest album covers of our time, have been created by him. The way Rodney combines real painting skills with airbrush technique, is truly unique. In a career spanning more than 40 years, he has become a trademark in the world of art. Besides creating posters and artwork for books, he has done album covers for Nazareth, Magnum, Asia, Rick Wakeman, and the list goes on....To learn more about Rodney and his work you can visit his website HERE.

- Jorn

jorn and rodney matthews