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Jorn is appointed "Prince of the Sun"

prince newsOn the sunny day of april 7th 2013 Jorn Lande was officially appointed “Prince of the Sun” by the mayor of his city of birth, Rjukan, in Telemark, Norway. The Prince and his entourage arrived at the town square stage after being part of a long royal style cortege through the streets of Rjukan.
The ceremony was held in front of several thousand people at the town square.
"The rock world already has it's "Prince of darkness", now it also has a "Prince of the Sun"" - the newly appointed prince Jorn proclaimed in his speech to the people.
The city of Rjukan is famous for this annual celebration every spring, marking the day the sun returns – meaning that it is high enough on the sky to reach Rjukan and its residents in the deep valley.
From october to march every year the valley is in shadows. All the people of Rjukan take to the streets and dress up in fantastic costumes to celebrate the sun’s return.
The first «Solfest» - sun carneval - was held in 1925 and has since been an important cultural event.
And every “Solfest” they appoint a Prince of the sun – who has to be a person from Rjukan that has contributed to promoting and benefiting the town and the area.
Rjukans history is quite impressive and of huge interest world wide, as it was here the worlds largest power plant was built by Norsk Hydro in the early 19th century.

Rjukan was a significant industrial center producing Salpetre (fertilizer) and later hydrogen, which again resulted in the product known as heavy water (deuterium oxide).
During World War II the production of heavy water was of huge interest to Hitler and his nuclear program, since heavy water could be used to produce nuclear weapons. The norwegian resistance, in collaboration with the allies, decided to sabotage the heavy water supply and destroy the heavy water plant, to stop the nazi development of nuclear weapons.
High risk raids were aimed at the 60-MW Vemork Power Station by the Rjukan water fall while it was in german hands.
After the war, Hollywood and Columbia Pictures looked to Rjukan and the spectacular war efforts of the local saboteurs, and in 1965 the film "Heroes of Telemark" was made, starring legendary actors Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris. The film, about the heavy water sabotage, was among the 15 most popular films at the british box office in 1966.

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