The Avantasia world tour has started and we're all excited.
Many shows are already sold out which is truly great, and it makes us all feel very proud and humble!

Stage looks fantastic and is the biggest Avantasia production to date. Will post more photos in the next few days.

You can find all the tour dates HERE.

- Jorn
Photo taken by Annie Minion : Bob Catley  and me at the sound check.


It is fantastic to see that Dracula "Swing of Death went no.1 on Metalholic's 50 best Hard Rock and Metal Albums of 2015.
Making this album was first of all very stimulating and fun, but it was also time consuming and took some effort, so we are both extremely proud and happy when it's appreciated. Big thanks to Metalholic for their great objective review!

You can find the list HERE.

- Jorn


Just got back from Bulgaria, celebrating New Years Eve in the City of Plovdiv.
My good friend Nikolo Kotzev and his band had rehearsed some Jorn songs, and we also played some older classics from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath among others.
It was an outdoor event and quite cold, but we rocked on to celebrate 2016, we had a great time together and the wonderful audience kept us warm! It was great to meet Tsonko Tsonev, the former mayor of Kavarna "the city of rock" and his wife again, plus Niks wife Dona. I also want to thank Ivancka, Plamen, Ophelia, Angel, and all of you other wonderful people, always there to make me and my family feel so welcome in your beautiful country!

For those of you not familiar with Nikolos work: he has worked with some of the best singers and musicians around, and in 2001 he released an epic masterpiece, about Nostradamus.
This is a fantastic "one of a kind" piece of work that is undoubtably one of the greatest concept albums in the history of rock. My character in the rock opera is "the inquisitor" and the album features great perfomances from Alannah Myles, Joe Lynn Turner, Doogie White, Sass Jordan, Göran Edman, Glenn Hughes and many more.
A new upgraded version of Nostradamus The rock Opera with a lot of additional material, will soon be released, and to read more about this album CLICK HERE to check out Niks website.
Here's the track "Inquisition", a duet with me and Joe Lynn Turner, can't believe it's already been 15 years : YOUTUBE

I wish you all a Happy New Year, let's make 2016 a year to remember with love. Hope to see you all somewhere down the road.

- Jorn



I am devastated to hear that David Bowie has passed away. Just a couple of weeks after Lemmy went, cancer once
again takes lives ruthlessly. So many have tried and wanted to become new modern hybrids of David Bowie, but sometimes
there can only be one....
Lemmy and David might be from totally different worlds musically, but they had one thing in common: in a world where business is forged in political correctness, they were both fearless innovative fighters till the end. Musically there were few compromises, if any.
I hope there are new adventures waiting for both of you on the other side, and that together with all the other afterlife legends, you will continue to rock. We will cherish and remember the greatness you brought us all, and most importantly, continue the battle against cancer.

Ground control to Major Blackstar and Captain Kilmister, so long and rest in peace.

- Jorn


Been recording some selected cover songs the last few months, and a new Jorn album is planned for an early 2016 release. I've recorded some of my favourite songs, and included a few that never had any obvious connection to the rock/metal scene, and hopefully it will give this album an unexpected twist. Naturally, I have also made sure to include a few great rock classics. The basic idea for this album was to choose some songs that meant something special to me when I was younger. That is why the variety of songs include everything from experimental pop of the 80's and 70's west coast music, to more classic heavier rock. I also wanted to go against the stream, as I'm tired of the political correctness that so many in the rock/metal world are concerned with.

This album is all about good songs and to record something enjoyable, making versions that are different, but at the same time a homage to the original artists. Music has many faces and expressions, and greatness lies within the song and it's performer, beyond style and category. Also, when you've been around for as long as I have now, it's liberating to go "off track" and try something different.
That said, my heart lies in rock music, but through the years I couldn't help thinking about how some great songs would sound if I tried to give them a certain "Jornish" flavour.

In the process I've had a list of 40-50 songs, but had to cut down to 11-12 tracks, which means I will probably have to do another album like this sometime in the future. Thinking about all the great songs that was ruled out, I already feel there are some unfinished business there, but we'll see what life brings. I usually prefer to work on my own songs, and when we started recording I thought it wouldn't be too difficult or time consuming, but man was I wrong! Maybe it's the greatness in the songs I chose that made me realize how great the original recordings are, and that people often take it too lightly when talking about recording other peoples work.

We've tried our best to make the songs our own, and some songs really worked out well, and I hope you'll like it. Album title, more info and artwork will be announced and uploaded very soon.

Merry Christmas everyone!

- Jorn